Intellectual Property

US Patent 9564268


The Company has selected the highly-capable and well-respected firm of Coats and Bennett in Raleigh, North Carolina, as its intellectual property counsel. (Their clientele includes many Fortune 100 companies, and they have successfully litigated many cases.) Coats & Bennett will advise us and inform our IP strategy going forward, as well as provide a one-stop shop for all of our IP work (i.e., globally).

Our unique team has been instrumental in developing over 100 U.S and global patents over their careers.  Intellectual property (IP) owned by Earth Energies Inc. includes two (2) issued utility patents and several additional patent-pending applications in process as summarized below.  Issued utility patents include:

  • US 9,564,268 “Power Receiver For Extracting Power From Electric Field Energy In The Earth”, issued February 2017 (previous application was US 14/509,772). This patent represents our primary extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave energy extraction patent. Additional patent applications in process are based on this fundamental patent, which provides protection until mid October, 2034. While it was pending, this patent enjoyed an October, 2013 filing date status via previous (now abandoned) provisional application (Serial Number 61/889,894 filed October, 2013).


  • US 7,986,990 “System and Method for Detecting Extremely Low Frequency Electric Fields In The Human Body”, issued July 2011 and valid until July 2028.

Pending patents filed by Earth Energies include:

  • PCT/US2014/059860 “Power Receiver for Extracting Power from Electric Field Energy in the Earth”, filed October 2014. This patent application is the international counterpart to US 9,564,268 described above, filed with the Patent Cooperation Treat (PCT) authorized body. We are awaiting office action or allowance notification from the PCT.


  • S. 62/306,938 “Power Receiver Including Faraday Cage for Extracting Power from Electric Field Energy in the Earth”, filed March 11, 2016. This is a provisional patent application covering variations in our primary extraction technology packaging and functionality. The Company will file follow-on utility patent application in March 2017, thereby retaining the March 2016 filing date status.