Earth Energies, Inc. (“EEI” or the “Company”) is an early stage intellectual property and technology company with patented world-changing technology in the electric power sector.  

The Company’s patented technology integrates state-of-the-art electronics with newly discovered geodynamo-based low-frequency subsurface electromagnetic wave energy, into scalable electric power delivery for residential and microgrid applications. Larger and smaller form factor products are also planned for applications in different non-energy sectors.


The Company’s unique technology is patented and leverages several critical and proprietary discoveries over recent years in the disciplines of natural architecture, atmospheric electrodynamics, Earth science, geomagnetics, and natural process emulation.  Research for the Company’s technology has been ongoing for over 15 years, while commercial development of this technology has been underway since our founding in 2013.

Awareness of our company, technology and related products has been constrained to a very short list of advisors and investors bound by a strict non-disclosure agreement.  With secured patents now in place, product prototypes nearing completion and product market introduction on the horizon, these restrictions are now being lifted.


Our proprietary and patented technology extracts extremely low-frequency electromagnetic wave energy from its reservoir, then converts, conditions, and delivers electric power directly to load-points in homes and buildings. The source of our power is never-ending, inexhaustible, and is dynamically transformed by our technology to provide a constant source (i.e., “base-load”) of conditioned electric power scalable to virtually any power level.  It is the ultimate renewable energy technology. Our intellectual property and technology development are based on fundamental scientific breakthroughs, and will fundamentally transform the manner in which electricity is sourced and delivered on planet Earth. Our technologies will have profound and permanent effects on humanity’s relationship with electricity.

We invite you to embark upon this walk with us.

Inquiries: info@earthenergies.net

The history of science shows that theories are perishable. With every new truth that is revealed we get a better understanding of Nature.”

– Nikola Tesla



Years of knowledge built upon an existing, but failing industry and business model.


Brilliant vision, new age mentality & the courage to pursue the unthinkable. 


Never before seen, patented technology that redefines the way our world works.


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