Earth Energies, Inc. (“EEI” or the “Company”) is an early stage intellectual property and technology company developing world-changing products in electric power.  The Company’s patented technology integrates state-of-the-art electronics with newly discovered geodynamo-based low-frequency subsurface electromagnetic wave energy, with scalability to deliver electric power residential and microgrid loads. Larger and smaller form factor products are also planned for applications in additional sectors.

Our innovative team has played key roles in a variety of industry firsts.  It was previously instrumental in pioneering the emergence of high-speed broadband Internet access services (i.e., cable modems) and the related transformation of the cable television sector into a combined entertainment and broadband Internet services provider business model.  In addition, our team’s innovative achievements include the development of:

  • IBM’s first personal computer,
  • The first microprocessor interrupt structure
  • The first electronic point of sale (POS) system,
  • The first automatic teller machine (ATM),
  • The first commercial token ring local area network (LAN), and
  • The first commercial broadband Internet services over cable television networks.

Earth Energies’ team has been involved in many other diverse products, technologies, and system innovations, and members have served as CEOs, CTOs, board directors, consultants, and in other senior level positions in both private and public companies. Our principals have many decades of experience in electronics, software, physics, energy, fuels, transaction processing, telecommunications, military applications, robotics, chemistry, finance, medicine, and media.

Inquiries: info@earthenergies.net

“Useful knowledge starts from the interrogation of nature and the
development of basic science and turns science into techniques, machines,
and understanding that make life better and promote the “pursuit of happiness.”

– Sir Angus Deaton, Dwight D. Eisenhower Professor of Economics and
International Affairs, Emeritus, at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and
International Affairs and department of economics at Princeton University,
2015 Nobel prize for economics, National Academy of Sciences member, and
fellow of British Academy (quoted from Sept. 2016 Scientific American